Maja Beattie is a Gloucestershire based artist who, through the medium of paint and collage aims to reflect on her social and environmental surroundings. Graduating from Bath Spa University in 2010, Beattie has gone on to exhibit in commercial and group shows in Bath, Bristol and London.

Maja Beattie's portrait work derives from a fascination with people, culture and social commentary. Using the medium of oil paint she aims to honour the traditional processes of storytelling through painting, however, turns this on its head with contemporary imagery, conveying the more modern plights of daily life.

Moving from the city to the countryside Beattie became enamoured with her surroundings. Walks and runs forged important memories as she experienced motherhood for the first time, milestones and the loss of her Father. Through the medium of collage, Beattie explores the idea of interlacing imagery into favourite landscapes, sign posting key memories to create both a nostalgic and timeless moment.